About Me

I carry many titles behind my name – I am a mother, wife, daughter, nurse and last but not the least, a student. I am currently completing my coursework to obtain Bachelors of Science in Human Services with concentration in Gerontology. My pending completion of all courses will be December 13, 2014 but I will not “walk the stage” until May 2015.

I chose career over studies in my younger days. I took the easiest (aka shortest route) to become a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) versus going to a traditional schooling. I achieved my greatest accomplishment by becoming a young Executive Director/Administrator of a Residential Care Facility for Elderly. I felt as though I had everything in my life — a successful career, a beautiful family with gorgeous kids and supportive husband. But something is missing in my life — a degree. I realize that I couldn’t ask my kids to finish their college degree while I didn’t finish mine… So it is my destiny to complete the hole — obtain my undergrad degree, then move onto higher education with MPA.

So this website is dedicated to my days in NDNU… a traditional night students complete their degrees in 2 years, but I am moving at slow and steady speed thus took me almost 5 years…

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